Pastor Niel Petersen: Independent Candidate for Ohio Governor

I may be a little biased when I say that we live in the greatest state in the Union here in Ohio, but I do feel that God has big plans for our country and that much of that will spring forth out of the Buckeye State.

There have been several prophecies, including the Bob Jones Gulliver prophecy, that God means to begin a revival here that spreads across our nation. Nothing could be more apparent to that end for me than the fact that we have four spirit-filled candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor here in Ohio. Among them, Pastor Niel Petersen of Harvest Revival Center in Brookville, Ohio and his assistant Pastor Mike Stewart. We had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Niel at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Canton, Ohio, about his vision for bringing God back to our state. What you didn’t see was the power packed prayer we had following, off camera, with Pastors Niel & Mike and their team where we each pleaded for God to bring revival for our state, and our nation. The past two years have exposed the darkness in Columbus, Ohio with Mike Dewine and countless others- and it will take the POWER of God to unseat those unlawful forces of the enemy- but Ohio belongs to GOD!

I have a vision moving forward where the competing candidates for every political position, in every state, are ALL men and women- full of the power of God, who are on their faces, seeking His will, and His will alone. If you think that’s an impossibility- just look at Ohio- it’s already beginning!

Follow Niel on his Facebook Page here: Niel Petersen for Governor of Ohio 2022

Check out our powerful interview with Pastor Niel Petersen below!






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