Panodrama: Tommy Robinson Gathers THOUSANDS at BBC HQ

What happens when the BBC sets out to produce a “Tommy Takedown” and tries to turn a nation, through forced brainwashing from their government funded television licensing programming, against an innocent man through smears? They get far more than they asked for.

In a recent article on our website about the Jussie Smollett hate hoax, I quoted Proverbs 26:27
“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.”
Nothing could seem more fitting for Tommy and the BBC today.

With reports of those who attended stating numbers well above the BBC’s estimate at 4,000, Tommy Robinson debuted his #Panodrama outside the BBC’s northern headquarters in Salford, Greater Manchester. Robinson showed undercover footage of John Sweeney from the BBC and his attempt to solicit the help of Lucy Brown (who used to work with Tommy) during a time they had a falling out to get “dirt” on Robinson. Brown approached Tommy as soon as Sweeney came to her, which resulted in an eye opening tale of bias at the BBC through her undercover investigation; including an attempt to falsely smear Tommy with sexual impropriety.

Tommy called Sweeney out on this, (to which Sweeney claims Tommy was twisting his words) saying to Sweeney, “You find it fun to tell someone that an innocent comment is sexualised — do you know what that would do to my family? Do you know what that would do to my children? Do you know what you are doing to my family? You’ve no idea what you’re doing to my family. If you had got away with what you were trying to do to me, you’d have ruined me. You’d have [destroyed] my marriage.”

Robinson’s documentary exposes the collusion between the BBC and the far-left activist organisation HOPE Not Hate, which has ties to none other than George Soros….

So just who is the real Tommy Robinson? Or shall we say, “who is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon?” since the left can’t stand that he has a pseudonym; as if no artist, journalist or public figure has ever done so before. I direct you to the three part documentary that Tommy released in well-founded anticipation of the lies that the BBC were sure to spread with their smear attempt, aka “Tommy Takedown”.

The Real Tommy Robinson Part One
The Real Tommy Robinson Part Two
The Real Tommy Robinson Part Three

What did I find while watching this series? I saw a real man, a raw man, and an imperfect man who has made mistakes, and owned them. A man who loves his country, his family and his home town. I did not find a racist, a nazi or a fascist, in fact, I found the opposite. But don’t take my word for it, watch it for yourself and make up your own mind. Unlike the with the BBC, here, you are encouraged to think for yourself and form your own opinion.

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