Oklahoma Pastor Runs For Senate & Brings the POWER of God!

Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer challenges RINO James Lankford for his Senate seat in Oklahoma with the backing of General Flynn, chair of the Oklahoma GOP and countless pastors across the country!

Everyone keeps saying we need men and women of God to stand up and be a part of our government, to bring back the spirit and strength of our founding fathers! Well, Jackson Lahmeyer, lead pastor of Sheridan Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is doing just that! You don’t want to miss this interview that is POWER PACKED with the spirit of God! If you are in need of a religious exemption for work or school, join the over 40,000 people who have received them from Pastor Lahmeyer- visit his website: www.jacksonlahmeyer.com

Leah and I sat down with Jackson this week in an interview that was supposed to be about his bid for a senate seat but then turned into CHURCH!!! He opened up about his past, teen pregnancy, his salvation and how God took lit a fire in him to reach the lost. Jackson Lahmeyer’s achievements are rather extensive for his young age- graduating Magna Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University with a B.A. & M.A. in Theological & Historical Studies. He’s also a successful businessman, who went on to serve as the Crusade Director traveling the United States for Christ for All Nations. While serving as the Crusade Director, Lahmeyer served as the State Coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association leading more than 300 churches reaching across Oklahoma’s 77 counties to get engaged and fight for conservative values. Following that he became lead pastor of historic Sheridan.Church. But I think, given all of that, Jackson feel his greatest achievement would be his family with his beautiful wife Kendra and their 5 children.

Jackson didn’t set out to become a Politian, in fact, he says he didn’t even set out to be a pastor, but God had other plans as it would turn out. God has uniquely qualified Jackson for just such a time as this. He tells us that “We don’t have a democrat problem, we have a weak republican problem” and that James Lankford, whose seat he plans on winning in 2022, is a “RINO of the highest order.”

Jackson Lahmeyer will make a great senator, not because he will be a good politian, but because he has the heart of a pastor and he says he plans to pastor in Washington. He encourages us that:

“If we will remember God, we will have hope.”


“The enemy will come and distract you with a good book to keep you from reading the
Great Book”

About half way through our conversation I asked Jackson to take off his politian’s hat and put his pastor hat on- it’s easy to see that he’s most comfortable in that- there is an anointing from God there. That is what we need in our government, like the black robe regiment. Pastor Lahmeyer took us through the story of Joseph and pointed out that like Joseph-

“The very thing that the enemy has meant to destroy you is the very thing that God will use to redeem you.”

He gave an analogy of a slingshot- how often we feel like Joseph, being pulled backwards, things are really bad, but we fail to see that God use writing a story and is going to use that situation to propel us into something amazing. Pastor Lahmeyer told us to “stay in the story; stay in the slingshot,” not matter how bad it gets. Church, that is where we are at right now, so stay in the story, stay in that slingshot because God is using this to launch us much farther than we ever imagined!

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