MUST SEE: Trump’s Lawyer’s Epic SMACK DOWN of Main Stream Media’s LIES! 2/14/2021

LIVE at 6:30 pm EST.. It appears that Trump’s lawyer Michael van der Veen #MVDV has been #redpilled on the #fakenews media… After his home was vandalized, his life and law practice threatened, he’s had enough of the media’s blatant twisting of the truth. WATCH as he gives an EPIC interview on CBS that everyone must see. This is how it’s done, watch and learn.

Live on:




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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
3 years ago

The reaction she was giving him was that smirk they do when they are being called out and they are in need of a response that will keep their audience from turning on them. It’s very juvenile but they pretend that they are above what is happening and that the other guy is just absurd. It’s like a wink to their fans that says, “get a load of this dimwit”, in hopes they will actually assume they know something the others don’t and that the one making them look bad is wrong or out of line. I believe each time this happens though it does chip away at the audiences faith in that person and those observing it get a bit more red-pilled each time. This reaction is really all they know how to do since they don’t have the facts or truth on their side to argue back so they just pretend they do but are choosing to not partake in the debate. We see it all the time from the left. The one way to handle it is to force them to engage through questions. Hit them with something that calls for a response and wait. Ben Shapiro is awesome at this.

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