Most of EU Bans Mail in Ballots; Canada Forces Travel Quarantine; Nigel On Migrants 2/28/2021

On today’s TOP news stories from around the world: Most of the countries in the #EuropeanUnion already ban mail in voting, electronic voting machines and require #voterID EU law maker #JérômeRivière says, “We don’t find it safe enough” On the migrant boat crisis #NigelFarage says: “We are paying the #FrenchNavy to escort #migrants with #Coronavirus into the #UK whilst we are all told to stay at home. Outrageous.” Meanwhile, Toronto police arrest lockdown protestors… all of that and much more!

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Jacqueline Rosser
Jacqueline Rosser
3 years ago

I want to know where can I see you, because google is not allow me to see your videos on d-live, telegram, rumble etc. Perhaps you can send them directly to my e-mail. God bless you for all you are doing. You may not thing that you are make any difference in people’s lives, but you do. I miss seen your videos.

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