Mo Brooks & House Reps HOLD THE LINE; Nurse Faints After Vaccine; Weekly News Roundup 12/18/2020

Reverse all Rona policy, Make them the crimes they are. Freedom is the stimulus! We the people write the stimulus package: 80 million people call your Senators other Senators, Everyone #stoptheSteal. Wait. The whole thing was a crime! Murder by government. Reverse all Rona policy, rules laws making it all a Felony, Close downs Felony, vax, all vax laws rules, #stopthevax. a felony, can not cross state lines etc. All of it a felony! We demand all this corruption from Vice President Fauci governors Mayor bill Gates, Big Tech. Main Stream Media, all the lies fears twisted statics, etc. make all of it felonies! It was purposely done to kill steal and destroy. Abuse of power. It must be all to be penalties worthy of death so it never, ever happens again. The Health profession can not kill people or make laws! Call, Call Call!
President Trump Won The Election
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