#MillionsMarch Australia; Omicron Fearmongering: Africa Is OK

On today’s episode of TOP News From Around the World: This week we saw disturbing reports surface from Australia that the Aussie government is using their military to round up Aboriginal people and force them into quarantine camps. Then, worldwide fear mongering has reached extreme levels- warning of a new variant coming out of Africa labeled: Omicron. This comes right on cue after mainstream media articles reported that Africa, with the only 6% vaccination rate has mysteriously avoided avoided covid disaster….?
But we have good news! In the UK, home schooling is on the rise and Australians have finally seemed to find their voice protesting in a Millions March Rally. All of that and more coming up!

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

When that Aussie spoke the words of our founding fathers, to that response of passionate applause, it was on my mind how that same speech would have been treated and responded to here in the US. Had that been one of us we would have been not only labeled a domestic terrorist but accused of inciting some form of coup. The words of our own constitution would be found to be threatening to our “democracy”. In other countries our freedoms and rights are more recognized than in the one nation whos Declaration Of Independence actually contains those words in writing. While we are the fortunate ones to have the greatest freedom to stand and defend that freedom and those rights we are the ones being outdone at doing so by those that don’t have a constitution guaranteeing any of that.

This is what I love about our Americans that are from a land of oppression, they treasure our freedom. Unfortunately it seems people all too often have to lose something to value it. Also unfortunately, once you do lose freedom it’s really tough and costly to get it back, if even possible. With tyranny there is no “giving it a try” there is only forfeiture and doom. There is no going back. That is why those of us that realize this are so stubborn about ANY infringement upon our rights. The blue-pilled can’t even imagine that kind of life ever happening to us here. They don’t see it already happening in the little things they dismiss as “for the greater good”. They also don’t understand that the USA can not fail the world in this fight. Who else will turn it all around after it happens here? We are the last bastion of freedom and hope for ALL of humanity.

Thank you ladies for another great show. Thank you PG for all that you do behind the scenes in that unsung hero job. God bless you all.

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