Millions Gather In World Wide Freedom Demonstration!

On today’s episode of this week’s TOP news stories from around the world: Millions gathered Saturday around the world from #Dublin, to #Cardiff, #London to #Toronto, #NewZealand to #Kentucky and #Melbourne to #Lebanon to rally for freedom from tyrannical #lockdowns, #vaccinepassports and #maskmandates. The people have spoken and are rising up saying enough is enough- no more! We’ll take you to these demonstrations to give you HOPE that there are more of us than there are of them and we choose #FreedomOverFear! Plus, we’ll also bring you all the top news stories from around the world- as always! Join us LIVE 1:30 pm ET!

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Clouthub: Channel 1620

Link to FrankSpeech:

Resistance Chicks will be going to BardsFest in St. Charles, MO August 26-29th




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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

The passport certainly does appear to be the thing they want pushed onto us, though I am still never getting that vax. Even without the various health risks associated with it, out of principle alone I won’t do it. They are SO obsessed with getting everyone vax-ed and THAT is what is suspicious about it. I agree that it isn’t about money. It’s much bigger and more sinister than that. I also suspect that the passports themselves are just a stepping stone as well.

I believe you are spot on with your analysis on all this. It is all so clear that there are essentially two classes or groups of us. The blue-pilled and the red-pilled. Not that cut and dry but generally speaking. This attack on our 1A is the biggest and most critical fight of all, or it needs to be. This is why we are divided. We believe different things because we hear different things from different sources. They want to be the only source, just like in China. I believe this is the single greatest reason behind 1/6 and every other effort against patriots. Right now the underground info war of alt media like Project Veritas, Epoch Times, Resistance Chicks ;), is still serving a purpose for them as well, as it is dividing us into factions and fueling the flames leading to war between us “the people”. They have been trying to coax us into more 1/6 opportunities to use against us. At some point that will no longer be useful and then they will crush all forms of alt-media, or that’s most likely their intent. I see so little focus on this battle in DC. They are preoccupied with the border and other things that are frankly far less threatening to us. Yes, we need to deal with that too, but we have nothing without our 1A. The First Amendment MUST be our First Priority.

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

Nearly every website or other internet “space” you go to now asks if it may use your location, to somehow be of better service, of course. Many times it may make sense such as a business with physical locations that they can match up to you, like a local Home Depot. Other times I have seen this where I could not see ANY reason at all for them to have my location. I can’t help but suspect this is tied into this agenda to have total awareness of us at all times anywhere.

2 years ago

thank you ladies. love your podcast.
I for one do NOT have a Smart phone, OR a smart meter, OR a smart appliance. The end game is 5G. Remember almost everyone including children have smart phones that never leaves their sides. That tells me that something is coming related to this technology.
Looks like I MAY be the only living creature left on the face of the earth. LOL!!! Lord, I hope not.
love you both.
Cincinnati Girl

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