Medjugorje Where Are They Today Spinoffs, Caritas of Birmingham, and the CIA Part 2 of 2

Come and join us for PART 2 in our uncovering the mystery of Medjugorje. Medjugorje is the most talked about modern Conspiracy Theory in the Catholic Church. Is it a True Marion Apparition…? Or an elaborate hoax? In Part 2 we will discuss the Seers, where they are today, links to the CIA and the American Spin-off: The Caritas of Birmingham. If you’ve been looking for the facts surrounding this mystery, tune in, we have them for you!… Links to ALL resources, you may need to click on descriptions of linked Youtube videos to get to the rest of the links… Start with this video… the beginning… Highlighted page from Bishop 3 main spiritual leaders expelled Great overview from beginning to end, especially the false friars and a bit on birmingham FR Vlasic Extra doc of vlasic defrocked… New age craziness, best article Now an alien UFO cult leader More documentary proof Extra documents…don’t need to read https://medjugorjedocuments.blogspot…. Bishop denies… Extra–science The Science: Wonders or Illusions?… Birmingham community…. Natgeo intro Website, Webpage “Gospel of Mary particularly disturbing… Fasting… 2 days a week bread and water Even the mejor official website is AL is a cult… Not catholic… Testimonies of ex members… Planned vision… Condemnation needed… Videos:

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