Martin Luther Whistler Blower Reformation Day Oct 31, 2022 Halloween

Martin Luther Was a News Man! Speaking Truth to Power, October 31, 2022 Reformation Day. 500 years ago on this day in 1517 Martin Luther spilled the Beans, was a Whistler Blower Exposing the corruption within the Government. Before Jesus Christ was revealed to men it was known as Halloween. When men became aware of God’s Holy Spirit they were no longer afraid of demons, goblins, trolls, false gods attacking them. They do not need Halloween pumpkins, Jackal Lanterns and their occult devices to protect themselves.

Men around the world Stopped being thieves and pretending to be something different then threaten to harm people if they didn’t get what they wanted. Trick or Treat is practicing, teaching children how to be bank robbers. Treat or Treat is a child’s version of stick them up. Put your hands in the air, give me all your money or I’ll shoot. Equal to a bank Robbery. Men stopped stealing because of Jesus Christ and the Knowledge of God’s love for them. The old occultism ways melted in the light and knowledge of God’s forgiveness and the infilling of God’s Holy Spirit.

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