Join! LIVE ZOOM Call- Leah & Michelle on Vaccine Choice Canada

Tonight! Wed. December 1st, 2021 @7:00PM EST

The tyranny that is taking place in Canada, with lockdowns and vaccine passports, is nothing short of crimes against humanity. No one can take away your right to participate in society based on what you will or will not inject in your body.

Leah and I are very excited to be invited on a LIVE Zoom call with Vaccine Choice Canada, their board members and other members. These are the people on the front lines fighting for freedoms, not just for Canadians, but for everyone around the world.

You, our Resistance Chicks family have been invited to JOIN this Zoom call along with the VCC members! Follow the Zoom link below!!!

Follow this link: 
Meeting ID: 875 4439 9165
Passcode: 294411

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