IYAR 16/May 7th 2023 The Day Manna Fell from Heaven by Christine Vales

Today You’ll be in Paradise 50 days Easter to Pentecost Series
Follow Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2023/05/iyar-16may-7th-2023-day-manna-fell-from_12.html
An opening message: PG here, Patriot Gallery, Leah, and Michelee’s Mom received from God today. Wisdom from God is so important.
God is bringing us into his system, his Kingdom on earth. Jesus would have us heal the education we received and experiences we’ve had so we have divine wisdom. A Wisdom where everyone turns looks and says, “Oh My”, that is God speaking! Following that anointing are signs, wonders, healings, life from the dead, happiness, and Liberty.
God poured out his spirit on all flesh.
Bread From Heaven. A food superfood tasted like honey.
Manna meaning the Word of God

Jesus’ Words are spirit and life.
Peace, abundance, favor, understanding, healing, refreshment, safety, security, prosperity, protection, welfare, refreshes bones, health to naval.

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