Invest in Oil, or Piglets, God, Liberty, and True Happiness

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Patriot Gallery or PG…… A man who never worked but invested his entire life. Quoted that it pays to counterfeit money out of thin air? Produce Black Satanic Illusions around the world? Only gold coins and silver coins are money. No exceptions! It is the Truth. This Poor Man died, went to hell never had salvation, and never had the truth. The lesson here is written in the Bible. Crime does not pay because the wages of sin is death. His legacy is that he brought a lot of death to a lot of people who suffered because his wickedness was tolerated and supported. The people died because of his game, the illusion of wealth. Real wealth comes from God to those who work with their own two hands and live a life of obedience to God.

Rumble Part 1

Rumble Part 2 SD Bullion Value of Silver

Bitchute Part 1

Bitchute Part 2 SD Bullion Value of Silver

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