Finding social media platforms that allow free expression has become increasingly difficult. Recently at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, OK 2/3 of the audience raised their hands when asked if they had been censored online for something they posted or said. Jeff Brain, CEO of Clouthub has created an answer to this censorship. Their website says ” CloutHub is a Next-Generation Social Network For Social, Civic and Political Networking. We Empower Our Members to Connect, Collaborate and Influence the Issues They Care About.
We are on a mission to help change the world by giving everyone a platform to have their voice heard and where everyone can make a difference.” Michelle and I were privileged to meet up Brian and Sonya in person and talk with them at length at all the new features on Clouthub, from uploading videos to livestreaming to interactions with others, Clouthub is a fantastic place to share information. General Michael Flynn has made Clouthub one of the main platforms where he posts as well as many other prominent voices that have been forced off of other platforms.

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

This video is short and I think it says a lot, or rather she does, so well regarding the indoctrination and/or programming of our kids in our society. Yes, she doesn’t exactly venture into the psychological conditioning aspect of this but rather the insane logic, or lack thereof, behind policy on kids and masks. The political aspect and motive is just obvious, or rather it should be. But then that is the point as only some of us can see that. We now have generations of lemming pawns doing everything they are told with zero questioning and no issues with the motives behind “why?” they are being told to do something in the first place. I just thought you all might find some use for it. Share it around please. Oh and it’s from Michael Knowles, so it might actually get watched by those allergic to Crowder, Tucker, or even Pool.

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