How To Stop The Transhumanist Takeover of the World

The Vatican has gone TransHuman. China has gone Transhuman. Big Tech has gone Transhuman. All the world’s elite from Klaus Swab, the World Economic Forum, Davos, they all are going full transhuman. In their quest to be greater than God intended and make humans into gods, these radical unethical scientists are quite literally trying to push forward their idea of human perfection which melds humans with machines. I say no. Transhumanism -Designer Humans -CRISPR (gene editing) -Gene therapy Thank God that people are waking up and we have a hero in Arch Bishop Vigano who is raising awareness for the massive takeover of the human race from political, religious, and financial elites, all the way to the Vatican and spurred on by the Jesuits. Archbishop Vigano calls out the pope! He says, the pope is a “zealous cooperator in the dissolution of traditional society”, who “pursues the project of the demolition of the Church in order to replace her with a philanthropic organization of Masonic inspiration.”

The World Economic Forum in Davos also hosted the TransHuman Code Conference to speak at a breakout session in Davos. TransHuman Code author says the panel in Davos was defining what the consequences will be and what direction it should go. Many of the elites have been enraptured by the transhumanist philosophy. I believe most think it’s the best path forward for humanity & will create heaven on earth. But, it will give the elites control unlike anything ever seen before. Will the future be human?” A video thread of Yuval Noah Harari @ the World Economic Forum meeting, 2018 We are living in the last generation of homo sapiens… “We will learn to engineer bodies, brains, and minds. This will be the main products of the economy.” Hat tip to Peznt Journalist for bringing these clips together and warning the world so we can stave off disaster! The Build Back Better crew has their plan but God has His plan for his own Great Reset! No more GMO poison food, endless wars, and fake fiat dollars. We the people have the power to stop all of this and fix what they have broken from education to the family home.

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