Hind Sight is 2020 Era of Peace Round Yon Virgin Mother With Child

Read A long: All links are in blog https://resistancechicks.blogspot.com/2020/12/hind-sight-is-2020-round-yon-virgin.html In this blog it will be put back to it’s original context. With the addition of a Mother pregnant with a child. Only God can reconcile two different descriptions and make them one. I woke up one morning with the strong words of Round Yon Virgin coming from the back of my brain. Immediately I thought of a young Mother carrying a child with a round belly. Let me introduce you to the Christmas Star, The Bethlehem Star or “Royal Families Star”! Which inspired minds took a gander at again 2020 years later on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2020 Looking Back! Hind Sight is 2020 So what did all that science of 1800’s, 1900’s do? Bankers enslaved men! Wars, and More Wars! Next Bankers Star Wars? It isn’t the Holy, purity, cleansing Holy Spirit, Mind of Christ leading that charge! It is from another place, destructive to the purposes of God IN Man !

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