Good Friday Service: Lazarus Come Forth!

God created men and he created horses for men to use for transportation. Men in our family have very strong Arms! #Jeremey, #Jac Smile, go back in time 200 years ago? Are you there yet? Was there any cars? Any Electricity? Any telephones. What was there? Horses, people heat there homes and cook with firewood. See it. Money was real! Yes Money was gold and Silver coins both having medicinal properties. Now go out camping in nature, fresh air, sunshine dirt under your feet. Compare? Which environment was your body made to work healthiest in? Which environment is more peaceful, more quiet? All stress, goes through your mind, nervous system. That in turn effects your health. Your body will be healthiest in a quiet peaceful environment, less stress, peaceful to your mind is peaceful to your spirit and body. All scientist are going to be outlaws, when all this is over and hung for harming, murdering other people with their technology. It’s all harmful to your entire life, liberty and happiness. you and your friends, family members are addicted to fake fiat currency and technology and that is a broken mind, so it has already brought you and everyone you know great harm. It is “self-evident” you don’t need research studies done, just do a self examination of your own mind! No one has the right to harm another human being! Throw them all in jail. Be careful what you criticize! Only God is sovereign. The only money, has ever been, gold and silver coins. The virus is nothing to fear. Once people are cut loose from bankers people are going to face their real fears. Providing everything for yourself. Freedom Independence. Get ready ya’ll no electricity, no cars, no modern conveniences. You are about to be delivered. Are you ready: Get water out of your own well every day? Build your own outhouses? Use horses for transportation, Grow your own food, make your own clothes, build your own homes with your own 2 hands, chop your own firewood to cook and heat your home? Raise and butcher your own animals, raise your own children, no contraception. Be your own doctors! It’s either that or slavery. So stop your whining and complaining and learn to do everything for yourself. The industrial Age of Bankers Slavery of others to do your work for you is OVER! The virus is nothing to fear. Once cut loose from bankers people are going to face their real fears. Providing everything for yourself.
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