Friday September 9th, 2022″The Covenant”

Published on 11 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

Co-Hosting This Event in Plymouth Leo and Nancy Martin “The Jenney”

Men Governed internally. Filled With God himself! Filled with the spirit of; health wisdom, prophecy, good, love, truth, the Word of God, Jesus, The Bible, The Principles of God,. The power to know and do the right thing. God in men helping men live freedom from sin. Filled with the knowledge of God! Obeying the Ten Commandments Loving God and loving our neighbor making sure they are sinless full of God’s Spirit. Gentle, kind, honest, etc.

With global food prices rising, gasoline at record highs, and political upheaval seemingly all around us, why pack up your family and drive to the small hometown of Plymouth, MA?
Because we need to Ignite the Light!
“As one small candle can light 1,000, so may the light kindled here shine unto many” -William Bradford
Our country is in dire straits. Everyone agrees something must be done, but what?
What if the way out of the darkness is to go back to the beginning and see what made our country the “city shining on the hill,” to begin with?
We invite you to join us on a weekend that will not only change your life and renew your faith in God’s Divine Plan but will spark a fresh movement of freedom and liberty across the globe using the very principles of morality, faith, and Divine inspiration the Pilgrim forefathers and the Revolutionary Founding Fathers used.
Learn to how to apply the awe inspiring guiding principles that led a small band of Christians to leave everything they ever knew to embark on a journey that would change the world.
The Covenant: The Mayflower Compact
The Pilgrims drafted what would become a template for the first article of self-government in the new world.
Learn how to apply the covenant to your own life and local government bodies.
Restoring the Ancient Paths: Jeremiah 6:16

Michelle Gallagher is Author of THE FOREFATHERS MONUMENT GUIDEBOOK “In this essential guide to an iconic national monument, experience the Pilgrim story as you’ve never heard it before! With sweeping photography, first-person accounts, and inspiring quotes from America’s greatest leaders—learn how the legacy of the Pilgrims influenced the birth of a nation. In their own words, discover how the Pilgrims overcame all odds to pursue faith and freedom at Plymouth Colony—and changed the course of human history!” She has also authored Monumental Prayers: A Prayer Devotional Inspired by the Legacy of the Pilgrims “The Pilgrims who sailed to America onboard the Mayflower displayed a rare example of Christian faith and zeal for God’s kingdom. Using imagery from the Forefathers Monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts— Monumental Prayers reflects on the inspiring 400-year old testimony of these early believers to encourage modern-day Christians in their own walk of faith.”

Tom Marchesani is a facilitator & teacher of Home Congregations following the model Jesus described in His definitive promise “I will build My ekklesia”. This word used was not “church” but “ekklesia”. This revelation of liberty in Christ caused a major identity shift which launched Tom into a season of learning and leading. As a former pastor in a non-denominational church, Tom now coaches others in leading Home Congregations locally and across America. He hosts Constitution classes as a Certified Coach with Patriot Academy. He helps dads become better fathers as a facilitator with Pocono Dad Project. Together with his wife, Alice, of 35 years, they have a son and 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. By day, Tom is a Senior Data Analytics Professional and by night, an American Patriot working to restore the foundations of our wonderful nation. Tom currently serves in the following organizations & ministries:

Home Congregation Coach – Omega Kingdom Ministry
Patriot Academy – Certified Constitution Coach
SYMBIS Marriage Assessment Certified Facilitator
Fatherhood Initiative Facilitator
Co-Founder of Monroe County PA Patriot Group

Craig Seibert is the Director of The Christian Civics Training Initiative which has served over one million people with free streamed videos and digital content to individuals, families, schools, small groups, civic groups, and churches. Craig speaks frequently on the topics of Freedom and Liberty, the Founding Principles of the United States, and Understanding the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. He has written or produced hundreds of videos, articles, booklets, brochures and has been a guest on many local and national radio shows and webinars. He works closely with businesses, churches and other non-profits to raise up the next generation of leaders who understand U.S. Civics and the responsibility of citizenship. Many local, state and national organizations have used his video and digital content to educate their members. Craig frequently partners with Faith and Freedom Coalition, Patriot Academy, American Renewal Project, Family Research Council, and many other national, regional, and local movements. Craig has been a researcher and student on worldview, culture, and American History for over 30 years. He has also led local and national YMCA Christian renewal movements and Faith and Work Integration movements. Craig’s personal mission statement is “To develop people, leaders and organizations to impact the World.”

Fri 1st Night 9 9 2022 Praise & Empowerment

Day 4: The Covenant- Night one Speakers! Live! Salem Hudson leads Praise and Worship, Donica Hudson Explains the depth of covenent, Scott Kesterson Hits the ball over the Fence for a Grand Slam bringing everyone else home! We Win! The Speaker panel discusses unity and communication . United there is nothing we can not do with Christ as head of his Church, his Body!
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Live Streaming from Plymouth, Massachusetts!
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