Freedom Convoy Updates From Around the World!

Aaaaand the Canadians STILL aren’t backing down! Even though Trudeau came out and condescendingly told them they had made their point and it was time to “go home”- they aren’t budging. With looming threats of arrest and more, these patriots are proving that they will stand for freedom no matter the cost. Their tenacity is spreading world wide- join us as we go around the world with updates from countries big and small standing against tyranny!

You can’t say it’s been a boring Sunday… Headlines paint an incredible picture of regular people around the world who are fed up with totalitarians control. “Macron is Accused of Campaigning with ‘Armored Vehicles’, as Nearly 100 Protesters Arrested” “Police Arrest Protesters who Remained at US-Canada Bridge”; “UK and EU urge evacuations from Ukraine as Biden predicts imminent invasion”; “Bedlam in Brussels: Cops Clash with Protesters at 50,000 Strong Anti-Vaccine Passport Rally” ;”New Zealand Police Back off as Freedom Convoy Protests Build” Then there’s the White House push that we are on the brink of war with Russia, while Ukraine’s President Zelensky urges calm and demands proof Russia is on the verge of invading his country. This wag the dog scenario is probably related to the recent Durham drop, which proves Clinton’s campaign really did work with Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election and that they spied on, not just the Trump campaign, but the Trump White House. Yes, really. Energy prices are soaring in Europe, Boris is on the brink, and those darn Canadians, well, they are fighting for their freedoms- as only the most polite people in the world can… You aren’t going to want to miss today’s show!

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2 years ago

Representative democracies tend to elect fascists and the people never learn. The dickheads in government cannot tell the difference between a protest to send a message and an uprising. They all say “you’ve made your point” but they are lying through their teeth as they simply disregard the message out of hand.
If these scum bags had it their way they would have designated protest areas in the middle of nowhere and make all other protests illegal. People need to understand that runnung a popularity contest and calling it democracy will always result in lying cheating scum with no ideas and zero self doubt seizing power. Why are voters always electing obscenely rich arse holes? Because they think rich people will be better at managing the economy and will help ordinary folks to get rich? Rich people are bad people. It really is that simple.

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