Former Miss Venezuela Runs For Congress in TX & Speaks About Socialism In the US “It Will Never Happen”

At the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we met an amazing American Patriot, from Venezuela- Carmen María Montiel- former Miss Venezuela. Carmen ran for US Congress in 2018 and is planning on running again in 2022! You can visit her campaign website here. We were blown away by her stance on immigration, socialism and feminism. She legally immigrated to the United states over 30 years ago and loves this country as her own.

One of the tools she uses when she’s in the Hispanic community are 5 questions she lays out in this interview. She says that she asks 5 questions, to which there are always three “yeses” and two “nos”…

1) Is family important to you? – Yes
2) Is faith important to you? – Yes
3) Is hard work important to you? – Yes
4) Do you want to pay more taxes – No
5) Do you want a government that controls you? – No
Then she says to them, “Congratulations, you are a conservative.”

Carmen is just the sort of power house, strong woman we need in congress, whether you live in Texas or not, you need to support this woman!

Additionally, Carmen is a the author of, “Stolen Identity”, you can visit the book’s site here. From her website:

Like most women, I was unaware that I was a victim of domestic violence. My husband had managed to diminish me through years of psychological and physical abuse and even through the use of drugs. However, despite being almost destroyed, I managed to rebuild my dignity and demonstrate my innocence.
I loved my husband. I never imagined that he could harm me or that he would end up trying to destroy me. Nor did I think, when he started hurting me, that this could be intentional, since all the aggressors blame their victims. In my case, the victimization was so effective that, after each assault, I would analyze the incident over and over to try to find out what I had done to make my husband react in this way.
This is my story, that of a battered and immigrant woman who found no way to escape or hide; a Catholic who believes in family and who fought to keep it for the good of her children. However, in the end, and precisely for them, she was forced to leave that vicious marriage to save herself and them.
I am a Venezuelan journalist based in the United States. I was Miss Venezuela, Miss South America and second runner-up in Miss Universe in 1984. I completed my journalism studies in the United States with the distinction magna cum laude. In 1991, I joined the ranks of Telemundo-CNN reporters, becoming the news anchor in Houston, Texas. I am currently a successful businesswoman who is dedicated to charitable work, helping those most in need, especially women victims of domestic violence.”

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