Former FBI Director Gave $100,000 to Biden Grandkid Trust Fund; Hypocrite Maskless Event At White House 5/21/21

On today’s episode of this week’s TOP news stories: Former FBI Director #LouisFreeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for #JoeBiden’s grandchildren, why? With the democrats hypocrisy knows no bounds, Speaker of the house, #NancyPelosi is fining republican house members $500 for flouting her ridiculous mask rule, then gathers at the White House on Thursday, packed with smiling, #maskless Democrat lawmakers and Biden officials shaking hands and hugging. A Palestinian mob attacks Jews in New York, while there is a #ceasefire in the #Gaza / #Israel conflict. The downfall of tech titan #BillGates and his friendship with #Epstein. Meanwhile, #wokeness is trying to takeover the US Military. All of that and much more, join us LIVE at 6:30pm!




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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

You probably also noticed in those CIA and Army ads that they were merely a recruitment tool to attract these women, mostly lesbians, to a “place of employment” not a role in defense or even service to our nation. There was not one word about national defense, serving your country, or that these things are ultimately about war and the reality of sacrifices made. There was no American patriotism within any of it. No pride in our flag or our history or even acknowledgement that serving our country is a noble thing to do. That’s because they are aiming these ads at people that don’t feel that way about America and the people that are (Harris/Biden regime) directing all this don’t feel that way either. They don’t want a military of soldiers able and ready to kill or die for our nations values and principles. They don’t want a force that will stand up to them or anyone else that may intrude into our country and overstep their boundaries against us, even their own families. They want week sheep that do as they are told and will do what they need to to keep their job, their pension, their status they didn’t hold in the private sector.

I’m sure you also noticed that they focused on all these demographic check boxes on each one of these people. To the left that is what they are, a series of demographic check marks on a clipboard. We never care about any of that. Any one of them would have been welcome serving beside me in the Army and would be measured by their character, actions, and abilities. That’s all we care about because it’s all that matters. I’m sure I served beside gay soldiers and I certainly served with many women. I don’t know how many, if any, were gay nor did I care. None of us did and we didn’t need a “program” to instill an ambience of inclusion to enforce that. We conservatives are the ones that hold these values they only claim to support or believe in. The left use these people manipulate more people. They want to use more women, particularly gay ones, to attract more of the same to also root out all that nasty “toxic masculinity” plaguing our culture and especially our military. So if we aren’t to even have that in the role and position for which it was designed for, by God, then where was all that maleness supposed to go? Do they really think the world was just supposed to be only Amazonian women of confused identity and body parts with no males involved other than to supply a sperm bank for artificial insemination? I’m getting a flashback of Nicholson in `A Few Good Men’ when he shouted “You want me on that wall! You NEED me on that wall!”. Yes, I do want and need guys like that guarding the gates. I have defended women in the military and other services a LOT over the decades and I knew MANY women soldiers that were tough, smart, performed well under stress, and I trusted more than many men I served with. I still don’t want them in combat arms MOS’s, let alone our special operations units. Sorry, but there are complications that go with having them in certain situations and environments that simply make it a bad idea and simply not worth it. It’s one thing around the office back here, like they can imagine, but in a foreign land and culture, in the field and plenty of other aspects to complicate things? Sorry, but `Mission accomplishment’ and `welfare of the troops’ was my job as an NCO and making everyone feel just as important or appreciated as everyone else was not. There can be no place for such luxuries as these values of the woke left.

I could go on forever on this and everything else you talked about in this show. I know it likely seems I already did, lol. Great job presenting this as always. I just thought I’d add my own perspective from my experience.

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