Dr. Zelenko: The Vaccine Is An Instrument of Absolute MASS MURDER

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  As you all can imagine, Michelle and I have wanted to interview Dr. Valdimir Zelenko since he first burst on the scene in early 2020 with a new treatment protocol that was working to stop sick patients in his community from going to the hospital and dying.

Dr. Zelenko is the embodiment of compassion and the principle of “do no harm.” He is also an innovator and built the foundation of his practice upon the principle of early treatment and prevention. As Divine Providence would have it, he was in the right place at the right time when the first outbreak of what would come to be called covid-19 broke out in a small, densely populated rural town in upper New York.  There are about 35,000 people in 1 square mile of Zelenko’s community, so as you can imagine the virus began to spread very quickly. Dr. Zelenko wasn’t satisfied with the current protocol which was sending patients home saying “if you feel like you are dying go to the hospital, get put on a ventilator and wait die.”

What Zelenko did next, a man with one lung undergoing cancer treatment himself, put the Achilles heel in the globalist plan to release havoc upon the world. He prayed. Zev, as he is affectionately called, called upon the Almighty and God began to give him some answers. Dr. Zelenko readily admits that his protocol has evolved as new and better treatments such as ivermectin and steroids have shown to be effective. In the beginning, based on some good success out of South Korea and France, Dr. Zelenko began some initial early treatment using hydroxychloroquine, a 60 yr old malaria drug that is deemed safe enough to give to pregnant women. (Before the covid vaccine, that used to be a very high threshold for safety). 

“The best kind of illness is one that never happens, “ Zelenko told us.

Using Zinc Ionophores, he set out to see if hydroxychloroquine and zinc would work together to block essential enzymes and thus the mechanism of viral replication. In the beginning it took seven days to get the results of a Covid test and Dr. Zelenko knew he didn’t have that kind of time. He began to treat anyone who showed the common symptoms of Covid: fever, loss of tastes and smell, ect. He began treating 250 patients per day at times. Out of a total of 7,000 people treated, he only lost 3 and didn’t lose anyone who started treatment within the first week of presenting symptoms. That is quite the record! You would think the CDC, FDA & WHO would be on his door begging for Dr. Zelenko to teach them how to treat early and keep people out of the hospital in the first place. Unfortunately those in power do not have Zelenko’s motto “I specialize in common sense.” 

The Zelenko protocol made so much sense to President Trump that he began taking hydroxychloroquine himself. Then all hades broke loose and the war on safe, cheap, repurposed medicines began and what had initially appeared to be a true pandemic suddenly became a mass murder event. When you are out of water and you keep canned fruit from people, you are purposefully dehydrating people. 

Dr. Zelenko had several other analogies to compare this evil practice of keeping medical treatments from the sick, such as:

Let’s have a double blind study to see if parachutes work.”

When inventing parachutes did the manufacturers push people out of the airplane without parachutes along with those with them in order to prove that parachutes save lives? Zelenko gives the explanation for this medical malpractice,

“There are forces at play that do not view people as the creation of Design.” 

Because of Zelenko’s success with keeping people out of the hospital, disgraced and now former governor Cuomo actually used an executive order to block pharmacies from filling hydroxychloroquine scripts. Cuomo isn’t a doctor. He should be in jail for practicing medicine without a license. 

Using studies from the NIH server he then began suggesting quercetin with vitamin C because peer reviewed studies had seen that combination also serve as a zinc ionophore, much like hydroxychloroquine. What’s better, we could get quercetin over the counter. 

Hope then became the main threat against the globalist’s weapon of fear.” 

Zelenko has been labeled by his detractors as a crazy conspiracy theorist. He combats this by simply saying “I am a conspiracy realist.” He began to reverse engineer the greatest “crime in history” and says “you have to learn from your enemy.” The mainstream media, has been working hand in hand with government agencies, big pharma and big tech giving one central message across the airwaves to hit our brain waves. Together they worked in tandem to silence any voices of hope or treatments and came after academia through the media. Their biggest weapon was character assassination, regardless of success, which in the beginning Zelenko proved as keeping people alive and out of the hospital. 

We asked when he began to question the safety of the vaccine, his response was:
“When I began to see people drop dead.” 

When it came to treatment vs a vaccine Zelenko said there must be a risk/benefit analysis

Is it:

  1. Necessary
  2. Work- it has to work
  3. Safe 

With a survival rate of 99.9%, physician friends of Zelenko have calculated the risk to children of Covid-19 and vaccine injury as 1 to 100: one child who would die of Covid-19 verses one hundred that would die from vaccine injury. That, he says, is “child sacrifice”. He said that the push to vaccinate children who are not at risk from Covid-19 to protect the elderly is a perverse sacrifice. 

Now Zelenko identifies success as the relief of suffering and encourages the early treatment of all ages. You can find his protocol here in several languages https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/treatment-protocol/

Zelenko says the mainstream media are worse than whores and Bill Gates’ obsession with depopulating the world must come from some inner desire of revenge of the nerds.  

We asked Dr. Zelenko to share one of his success stories. He told us that a friend of his had an 89 yr old mother in the hospital and the doctors weren’t treating her with anything but oxygen. Zelenko couldn’t treat her while she was in the hospital, so they decided to essentially set up their own ICU at home with a nurse to monitor her 24/7 with an iv drip. He told them to get an oxygen saturation machine and over the course of 3 weeks of treating at home, she could take walks around the block with her husband. Those are the good stories but it doesn’t need to be this way. There is early treatment and no reason for most people to end up in the ER. 

He calls those who have pushed their fear mongering/anti-treatment agenda  “devolved pagans, such as Bill Gates who don’t want you to eat meat and Klaus Swab who says through the World Economic Forum “you will own nothing and be happier.” 

How do we combat these homicidal maniacs? He took us to the Psalms of David 
“Turn away from bad, do good, and live” 

Dr. Zelenko has now turned his attention to help large groups and individual doctors learn his treatment protocol. He’s trained over 1,000 doctors and worked with countries like Honduras to implement early treatment.  Even the former minister of health in Israel called him for help with treatment. 

He says the tools used against us are the ones used against the Jews in Concentration camps. Why didn’t the Jews in captivity join together and fight back? 

They demoralize, traumatize, and bind us to fear, making us sheep.
As we all educate ourselves we cease to be sheep. 
Your choice and conscience are gifts of the Divine

He quoted one of his favorite Jewish teachers, who when faced with a gun to his head in 1927 and was asked by the precursor to the KGB to give up the secret places where Jews were, he answered “perhaps this method would work on someone who has one world and many gods but not on someone who has one God and two worlds.” 

Dr. Zelenko lives his life with this in mind. He doesn’t live for just this world. He is incredibly humble for a man who has done so much to help so many. He sat down with us for an hour and a half and poured out his knowledge, heart, and wisdom. He is a light in a dark world and has spread his light to millions across the globe.

You can get Dr. Zelenko’s amazing nutritional immune boosting supplement here: zstacklife.com

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Robert Bertness
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Steve Webster
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How do i access the interview with Dr Zelenko?

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Steve Webster
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