Dr. Lee Merritt, PARASITES and the Elimination Protocol I did for myself Rev 9-22-22

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Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson



TLDR: If you don’t have time right now to read all the stuff below, here is a brief summary of
what I did for myself:
I used both Nitazoxanide from GrantPharmacy.com or other source, and Fenbendazole which is easily
available from farm supply stores. (Both these drugs have been tested in humans and have very high
safety margins. I’m not aware of side effects at normal doses except those from the elimination of
parasites—see below.
I began with Fenbendazole as Panacur-C that is available for animals. I later got pills of Fenbendazole for
ease of use from Grant Pharmacy overseas. I dosed myself at the dose given on the syringe for animals.
It goes by poundage. I squeezed the white cream at a dose for a 150 lb animal (I am roughly that weight)
into a glass and added water, then gulped it down. Some sticks to the side so I add more water , stirred,
and repeated.
I did this for three consecutive days , then 5 days off, then repeated.
After a few cycles, I had received the Nitazoxanide from the above source, and did a few cycles with that
drug (which is the bomb for intestinal parasites). I took the 500 mg tablet twice a day for three days and
then 5 days off. I used this for several cycles often interspersing with a cycle of Fenbendazole.
With both treatments I saw obvious effect in my stool. (Often blackish for several days after the
treatment, or with black specks in the brown, or very soft etc.).
I alternated these drugs for about 6 mo. I tried stopping earlier, to go to monthly maintenance, but when I did so, I got sneezy, eye watering, etc. consistent with mild Herxheimer reaction from too many dead
parasites. That told me I still had egg sacs in need of hatching out. I then went back to cycling 3 on 5-7
off and slowly increased the “off time”. Later I did give myself two weeks between doses, but when I
did that too early I would have again these symptoms.
Now I do monthly treatment with one of these drugs, and in addition, I am using Chlorine Dioxide drops
that I drink daily, and do the bath. (See Chlorine Dioxide How To on the front of the website.) I’m about
to start the GI cleanse on my website, which I did not know about before, but using this herbal in the off
days during acute treatment may be beneficial.
General Principles of Parasite Elimination.
This is not intended to take the place of competent medical advice, but sadly most physicians in America
do not believe parasites infect humans in first world countries. A full video discussion of parasites by me
and Dr. Ardis is available by signing up for the weekly podcast at TheMedicalRebel.com The basic
principles to consider with parasitic infestation are these:
• There are a variety of parasites that infect humans—some large and visible to the naked eye,
some microscopic. Although not generally recognized, it appears that most humans have one or
more parasites—even in modern first world countries. If your animals need “deworming” so do
you. In a recent autopsy study of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients who died from the disease, ten



Sarah Westall https://www.bitchute.com/video/pl1jATOHP9cF/

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