Dr. Ardis CoVenom-19 Slides & Documentation

We recently met up with our dear friend Dr. Bryan Ardis at an event in southern Ohio presented by Westside We the People . This event was just two weeks following his bombshell findings being published about the link between snake venom and Covid-19. The packed house sat and listened for over two hours as he went deeper into more facts, updates, backlash and what life has been like since the Stew Peters documentary Watch the Water debuted. The original video on Rumble has over 3 million views, you can watch it here.

Dr. Ardis also sat down with another friend of ours, Mike Adams, and went over a series of slides in a three part presentation that has more documentation than one would even need to be convinced that snake venom was involved in the biological weapon known as Covid-19 along with the jabs and dangerous “treatment” remdesivir. You can view all three of those below.

Because Dr. Ardis’ slide presentation was not working on the night he came to Cincinnati, he promised the audience they would all receive a digital copy of those slides if they wanted. Below is that slide presentation.

Below is the talk that Dr. Ardis gave at the Westside We the People event April 27th, 2022


Below is the 3 part series that Dr. Ardis did with Mike Adams of Health Ranger Report on Brighteon.com

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

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2 years ago

Wow. Thank you Dr. Ardis for all your hard work. And thank you Mïke Adams for doing this amazing eye opening interview with him. No doubt they’ve been poisoning us and killed mass of people from this snake venom. This has been there plan for many years. Kill upwards of 90% of the world and keep only the obedient ones alive to enslave them.

It’s amazing this information has been out there all along, but it took a chiropractor whose very intelligent to do his investigative homework to find out exactly what and how they created covid19. These people are sick Dominic satanic believers that must be taken down. We all should be out raged and standup and stop these maniacs.

Remdesivir killed my sister In-Law 6 months ago. My mother in-law passed away last year in a California nursing home. We have our suspicions she also was killed by protocols.

thsnk you both so much!

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