Devos; No Deal Brexit Best? Nigel Farage; Macron Loses Control #YellowVests; Top EU/UK News 1/13/19

There are powers that be, people who do not want you to be self reliant or self sufficient. They want, they NEED, you to be dependent upon them. They are politicians, giant corporations, media outlets, and tech giants. And they meet every year at a conference called Davos where they quite literally plan how to control the lives of all the “little people,” in the world.

It’s like a parent teacher meeting where they see the rest of us as children who need guidance, control, and to be told what to do. When we talk about “they,” as in “the great powers that be that control our everyday lives without us knowing who they are and how, exactly, they do it,” we are talking about the party of people known as the Davos crowd. They are the rich, the powerful, the bankers, and the CEOs, who rely on the manpower as well as the ignorance of the masses.

They meet, every year, to discuss how they will use their power in finance, media, product placement, and so forth, to control you and me. Most, if not all, of the time, we have no idea that we are being manipulated… controlled; we just have this feeling, deep inside that someone, some kind of boogeyman exists… enter “they.” But “they” do exist; you and I are just not privy to their global get-togethers, conversations, and board meetings, in order to put our finger on what, exactly, they are doing to us.

Brexit, Italy’s Salvini, and Trump’s election, are all great things showing that the people are not going to stand to be ruled by the party of Davos anymore. They call this populism. There are conservative populists… Trump’s party, and surprisingly there are liberal populists- people who align with Bernie Sanders. In France, they have come together to fight the establishment that controls them. The Boogeyman is real and his mask has come off since Brexit and Trump’s election. Now that we know some of the players, like Soros, Bezos, and other powerful billionaires, along with the trifecta of tech giants: Twitter, Facebook, Google (Youtube included), we can come up with strategies to get our sovereignty back. First step of war: know thy enemy. “They” hid in dark corners for years, but the mask is coming off and this is good news. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

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