Despair, Sociopaths, Hope Borders, Boundaries, Sovereignty The Children

Borders, Boundaries, Sovereignty, The children A Defense Against Tyranny. A Word from the Lord about limitations. God established limitations for the good of Everyone. All games have borders, boundaries limitation so it is a fair game being played. Those who refuse to except the rules established by God are criminals can not participate. The lie within evil men is: there is no God, no law, no justice. Barbarians, savages, violent, cruel, lying immoral men believe Satan’s lies; that they can live any where, be any where, do whatever they want, make up laws out of thin air, and they can refuse to acknowledge sound minded judgments, laws, etc the are for the good of all citizens. Contact Us: Resistance Chicks P.O. Box 107 Milford, OH 45150 E-mail: [email protected] Facebook:… Twitter: @ResistanceChics Bitchute… Minds Masfaith3 on Sound Cloud download or listen to original songs Support one of our Moderators: Maia Buy her AMAZING All Natural Products Here:… Or email [email protected] Young Living Essential Oils Contact Josh Rodgers [email protected] GoinBatty Channel Hand Made Gifts and Thrive Life Products! Debbie’s Custom Red Pilled Items On Etsy… Healthiest life is loving your parents, wife, husband children.. Loving God. And feeling their love for you! Working the land together is LIFE, love, freedom, pursuit of happiness! Own your land, the land provides all you and you children and your parents need! God made nature, the laws of nature! It’s free! It is ALL Free! When it rains water is free, you breath air is FREE! The gold and silver coins have your name on them ..United States of America is your name! You put your name on these coins because they belong to you. No fake Federal Reserve paper dollars! It’s a CRIME. Tyranny! Everyone must use gold coins and silver coins that have our name on them. The gold and silver coins have your name on them.

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