DeSantis On Gender Reassignment In Kids & Alex Jones Trial Update

Ahead in this week’s Headline News. Regardless of how you feel about Sandyhook and Alex Jones, anyone can see that the trial against Alex Jones was biased and violated Alex’s rights as a citizen. The jury ordered Jones to pay $4.1 million dollars in damages to the families of Sandyhook. Co-host of Infowars Owen Shroyer warns this could spell the end for Infowars- but something tells me there is no stopping Alex Jones. Meanwhile, Gov. Ron DeSantis calls for doctors to be sued for providing children suffering from gender dysphoria double mastectomies and castrations “They wanna castrate these young boys – that’s wrong … I think these doctors need to get sued for what’s happening.” Rep. Thomas Massie (KY) blows the lid off the myth that the COVID shots stop the spread of the virus in the house. Also, a teacher says she asks students for their pronouns and which pronouns she can use for parents. A kid can be trans or non-binary at school, and parents won’t be notified. All of that and much more- ahead!

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
1 year ago

Leah, you were still correct about the Gasden Flag, and also on that list is the Liberty Flag, the Betsy Ross Flag, all 1776 flags, and even the Appeal To God Flag (also sometimes regarded as America’s first flag as carried by Washington and his army during the revolution). It appears any and all symbols of patriotism are now symbols of what they fear which is the Resistance, our resistance to their tyranny.

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