Coke Gets WOKE; Will SCOTUS Hear Election Case & Texas Rolling Blackouts 2/19/2021

#Texans are learning the hard way that #prepping isn’t such a bad idea these days. The #power grid came desperately close to collapsing, saved only by the implementation of rolling blackouts that have left some dead and countless more with out heat, water and electricity. Thousands on social media are posting their ingenuity to solve these problems and stay warm, vowing to be far more prepared not only in case there is a next time, but planning for the unforeseen as well. Meanwhile, #Cocacola gets #WOKE telling it’s employees to #TryToBeLessWhite . And will #SCOTUS hear #election2020 case? All of that and SO much more on this week’s TOP News with Resistance Chicks! The first part of tonight’s show will air on our Resistance Chicks Youtube channel, covering the weather in Texas, the remaining episode will be able to be viewed LIVE on the following:




FB will embed when live video starts!

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Whicket Williams
Whicket Williams
3 years ago

FB and me do not get along, I do not censor my speech your videos say cannot be embedded but I will see you here there, or somewhere, evil can’t contain me.

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