Clay Clark Finds Out He’s A LEGO Superhero!

Nothing is quite as cool as being depicted as a superhero… but if you happen to be a LEGO superhero in a stop animation skit helping President Trump defeat Joe Biden- it’s even cooler! Watch as Clay Clark finds out that’s exactly what has happened to him and many of the ReAwaken America Tour Heroes!

A young man in Texas by the name of Shannon Miles says he’s seen every single Tour and most of them all the way through- what better heroes for kids to look up to than that? We met Shannon Miles, (aka The Young Patriot) at Banners 4 Freedom‘s United In Freedom Tent Revival, over the 4th of July. He was baptized by water and fire and left that weekend as changed as the rest of us! Within days, Shannon started filming his LEGO stop animation films of the ReAwaken America Tour superheroes and blew us all away! He then join, Robert and Jaime Agee, Marty Grisham of Loud Mouth Prayer, Resistance Chicks and others for a POWER packed revival fire round-table that included powerful prayers and prophesies over the upcoming New York conference that Clay invites The Young Patriot to live in this episode! Don’t forget to subscribe to The Young Patriot’s Rumble Channel to get notifications on ALL the latest Freedom Force Episodes!

Clay’s entire ReAwaken America tour is about getting this information into your hands, so you can get it into the hands of everyone you know.

Below are some incredible resources that each one of us can take advantage of! First: visit to get tickets to attend any of the upcoming conferences:

Resistance Chicks WILL Be at the New York Conference along with The Young Patriot!

Batavia, NY Aug 12th & 13th
(Don’t forget to go to Dave’s Ice-cream in town Thurs. @7:00pm)
Washington/Idaho Border Sept. 16th-17th

Visit the Time To Free America Store for t-shirts, books. On the website be sure to hit the “No Jab Jobs” section! If you are an employer who wants to offer jobs to those who haven’t taken the jab, or you have lost your job due to vaccine mandates, you can visit this site- it is so very needed in this time of tyranny! We must stand up and begin to take back our society! We will win because we are on the side of God and we will press God’s great reset button before the globalists can get to theirs!

Want a good way to get your friends and family to wake up to what’s really going on around us? Clay tells us to visit the 11 Questions You Can Ask Family and Friends That Will Wake Them Up button. Want to find out what’s actually in the Covid-19 vaccines? Clay’s site has a button for that too! What’s Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Join us August 1st, 2022 at 10:10PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

Leah & Michelle Want to See YOU In Plymouth, MA

Use Promo code “RESISTANCECHICKS” at and to save 20% off of EVERYTHING and 25% off of your purchase of The Founder’s Bible/Digital Bible combination!

Shop the TODAY and
Use PROMO CODE “CHICKS” to save 5%!
Visit to save up to 66% on Mike Lindell’s amazing products! Use Promocode: Resistance
Resistance Chicks urge EVERYONE to get pre-covid treatment with all the meds you need BEFORE you get sick! Visit



CloutHub NOW has LIVE CHAT!!!!: Channel 1620


Rumble LIVE



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