Canadian Truckers Unite the World For Freedom!


If you haven’t heard, those polite little Canadians, who seem to easily go along with whatever their left-wing, socialist government proposes… well apparently even they can be pushed too far. It looks like the jab mandate for truckers crossing the US/ Canadian border was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now we’ve got a band of truckers uniting Canada in the world’s largest convoy protest- the likes of which this frigid North American country has never seen. From Sikhs to Ingenious drummers, farmers, and urban dwellers, and Hutterite communities alike… Canadians have decided they want a refund on their trial with state controlled fascism. The political ramifications will reverberate across Canada for generations to come. All around the world, freedom lovers have untied with these peaceful, yet fed-up truckers and protestors with hashtags #Istandwiththetruckers and #freedomconvoy2022. It seems the whole world is standing with these bold protestors who must chew ice tacks because temperatures in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, hit -20. Join us as we bring you ALL the best highlights and speak LIVE with one of our good friends, Mark, a Manitoban who has been following this history in the making every step of the way!

Be encouraged friends, if Canadians can rise up in record numbers to end these mandates, the world is on the verge of a total reset…. God’s reset. The Artur Pawlowski’s and other church pastors arrested for holding service and feeding the homeless, have stirred up God’s hand of justice. Things are about to change. A celebrity chef in Canada, who has been going along with the rules- has had enough. His sentiment echoes the silent majority who are silent no more… “I’m tired of living in lockdown. Tired of the government closing my business. Kids being out of school, out of sports. Friends and family scared to spend time together. I’ve lost faith in the governments and media. I want my life back.”

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