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There is a true epidemic in our nation, but I’m not talking about the one that’s been in the constant news rotation for the past 3 years. I’m talking about another one that has been stealing the lives of our loved ones for far longer: the opioid epidemic. This epidemic is sly, cunning, brutal and satanic from its roots, to the branches down to the rotten fruit of death it brings. The victims (and yes, they are victims) are not only those trapped by addiction, but also the family and friends who get caught in the middle fighting for the lives of those they care the most about; it is a plague on every part of society. But this battle is one that can’t be fought in the flesh, as so many have tried, it can only be conquered through the love and redemptive power of Jesus Christ. That is exactly what our guest Jimmy Alexander is doing in northern Ohio: helping men see they are more than a just statistic, that Jesus Christ loves them and has the POWER to do what a “program” alone cannot: set them free. “Who the Son sets free is free indeed.” -John 8:36

And as Jimmy writes in: Why Sobriety is Not Enough “In my journey as a recovering addict, I realized that what I needed was a Savior who could create new desires deep in my heart. I needed a transformed mind and purpose beyond sobriety. Sobriety could not change my heart, or my taste buds, or my perceived love for substances that gave me temporary pleasure. Sobriety simply could not transform my life. In fact, sobriety was more of a barrier, a law, a ‘party crasher’, that held me back from doing what I wanted to do. Although I sought sobriety for so long, I finally realized that sobriety alone was not the ultimate victory; it was only a launch pad to clear my head and discover life’s purpose and meaning.”

2014 Plymouth, MA

In 2014 Leah and I met a young man in the midst of 7 months of rehab at our local Teen Challenge by the name of Jimmy Alexander. During our time with the many amazing young men there, who were trying to get their lives on God’s path, Jimmy stood out with a passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ. God gave Jimmy a rare understanding of purity that can only come from a true encounter with Almighty God.

When Jimmy graduated from Teen Challenge, I remember several people advising him on what to do next, but he felt God’s voice telling him his call was to his family and that by obeying that call, his ministry would grow if he just obeyed. And grow it did! Nearly 9 years later, Jimmy is now married to his beautiful wife Molly & they have two sons. Together they founded Lazarus Life Ministries, an in-house, Christian recovery ministry, “It is our vision to establish a discipleship house in Knox County, Ohio where men will be introduced to a relationship with Christ, mentored through a process of restoration, and equipped to re-enter society as whole, productive, and responsible men of God.”

So how has Jimmy not only stayed sober, but gone on to live a full life and minister to others? As he tells us in one of his blogs posted on the Lazarus Life Ministries Blog page: How the Secret Place Prevents Relapse

Psalm 91:1 “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”

The secret place has been vital in my recovery from drug addiction. As a former addict, the secret place has completely taken precedence over any other form of coping. My old sin nature and the devil are constantly trying to reel me back. I know that many people say relapse is a part of recovery, but I didn’t desire it to be a part of mine. I knew that the only way I could overcome the urge to use drugs again was to fall in greater love with Jesus and cast myself upon God during times of trouble – which all happens in the secret place. The secret place protects us in times of trouble, particularly in times of life tragedies and in times of overwhelming temptation.” -Jimmy

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2014 Boston, MA

In 2014 we took our second trip back to America’s hometown and we took Jimmy Alexander along with us! You can watch our chronical of that trip, including words from Jimmy here:

About Jimmy:

My name is Jimmy Alexander. The vision for this ministry was born out of my own personal experience.  I am a former addict who has been transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Throughout my late teen and early adult years, I was motivated by an obsession to find true satisfaction and peace. Sadly, I searched in all the wrong places and fully gave myself over to drug addiction.  Drugs became the driving force that led to a lifestyle of abuse, crime,  homelessness, and despair.  After several rehab programs, self striving, and suicidal attempts on my life, I was utterly hopeless. Yet God saw my hopelessness and intervened. He did for me what I could not do on my own: He changed my heart, my affections, and my desires by revealing to me Jesus Christ.

Someone soon led me to Teen Challenge Cincinnati, where God provided a loving community of people who intensively invested in me long-term.  For 7 months there, I was surrounded by caring people who helped me cultivate a relationship with Christ. My whole life was turned around. I found authentic relationships, true freedom, lasting satisfaction, a real sense of purpose, and a life in Christ that I could have never imagined.  
It is now my heart’s desire to establish a similar ministry in Mount Vernon, Ohio, to help other men who are struggling with addiction.  I want to offer others the same hope that I have found!

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