Bow into The Hearts of Evil Men, Jesus Christ Gave This Land To Me PG

Follow Along: The Deep Freeze was Fatal! Came out of the hearts of Evil Men! Conclusion! The Pilgrim Mothers would cover their children with their coats, bodies to keep them warm, half the Mothers died saving their children. If only men would save their wives and children and be willing to die for them. Women would not be in this situation, fearful for their children’s future. There is a known enemy and no one if fighting. Paralyzed by public school witches. Men need God, the need Honor, gold and silver coins stop being thieves, murderers, using counterfeit gold and silver fiat. God is not with thieves and murderers! He is with those who have repented. God was with the North during the civil war because they knew God’s will: each man owning land, farming for himself, no slaves, working for others. The south believed in slavery total anti-Christ, so they lost the civil war. The prayers of a righteous man avail much. Not the prayers of the sinners who enjoy others working for them. Independence not dependence! Talking about problems and evil with no solutions but buy these products didn’t save anyone. A lot more people in Texas would have no trouble if Texas citizens had taught their people to be independent, heat their own homes with wood, grow their own food, collect their own Water. It is right there written in the Bible drink water out of your own well, plow your fields, plant your seeds yourself, you will never go hungry. Man does not live by Bread alone but By every word of God: Where ever The Gospel is preached…… Barbaric becomes Civilization Resistance Chicks, Masfaith3, Leah and Michelle, Contact Information Full List on Blogger
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