BO JO Broke Own Christmas Lockdown Rules, Irish Politician’s Inspiring Speech

PLUS: UK Rules to Extradite Assange

On today’s episode of TOP NEWS Stories From Around the World: Things are getting messier then Figgy Pudding splattered on the floor for UK Primer Minister Boris Johnson and his Christmas lockdown rule breaking cohorts. Allegra Stratton, one of the advisers who was seen in a video joking about a Christmas party, announced her resignation later that day. The footage, obtained by ITV News, is reported to be of a rehearsal for a TV media briefing from 22 December last year – four days after the alleged Christmas party took place. Senior Number 10 aides are heard jokingly referring to a “business meeting” and a “cheese and wine” event. Lies, lies and more lies… groveling apologizes after being caught flaunting their own rules, the British people have had enough and over 1 million have now signed up for a Christmas Rave outside of the PM’s Number 10.

Then, an Irish Independent Politician, Catherine Connolly, takes her colleagues and world leader’s to task in an epic and moving speech. Calling the government’s response “moronic.”

Also, Austrians are rising up against totalitarian mandates while Israel is proposing a mechanism to track every citizen; “nothing to see” there it seems.

South Africa has good news on the “Transformers” variant Omicron.

And in Australia, Avi Yamini gives us an update on the pregnant mum arrested for posting on Facebook about joining a protest. Hint* she’s had her fugitive baby.

Finally, bad news for journalists around the world as a UK high court grant’s the United State’s request to extradite Julian Assange. His case will be appealed but this means he is likely to stay locked up for years to come. Please pray for Assange.

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2 years ago

LOL…I had to crack up when Leah clicked on the video where Italians are in the restaurant and before even playing it Michelle said…”It’s going to be loud.” Yes Michelle we Italians are very loud!

2 years ago

DeSantis is also going to ship illegals to Brandon’s hometown in Delaware…that would close the borders for sure!

2 years ago

I can’t stand it when Pompeo plays the “I’m A Good Christian” and preaches the Bible! Makes me sick!

2 years ago

The bottom line is…The people that follow the lockdown rules this year are complete IDIOTS! They deserve to be locked down…especially since most know this is the greatest Hoax in history!
My Life hasn’t changed at all since this HOAX began. I have never worn a mask, and when I go somewhere if someone asks me to put one on…I leave! It’s that simple.

Last edited 2 years ago by siciliangal
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