Blood Moon, Red Wave, Blue Mirage- Put Your Trust in God

Everyone is looking for answers and direction after what happened Tuesday- Resistance Chicks do what we do best here: seek God, get those answers and bring hope and truth to the confusion.

What the mid terms of 2022 showed us was that the only way we get our country back is by joining Revival with the political realm. Some might call this Christian Nationalism- I call it Christian Liberty. America wasn’t built overnight. It wasn’t conceived in the early hours of the Revolution. No, American is a result of the outgrowth of the Gospel being truly preached and the Word of God getting into the hands of the people. Men and women like William Tyndale, who was killed for translating the Word of God into the language of the people and preaching on liberty. Jon Hus who read the words of Tyndale and took them to Bohemia aka The Czech Republic causing a stir of freedom and was burned at the stake… Martin Luther, John Locke, John Milton, Algernon Sidney, William Penn… their writings on Nature and Nature’s God and no man is born with a right to rule over another, those writings were Revolutionary and cost many of those proponents of a more Republican form of government to be killed or sent into prison or exile. Revival of these ideals, the ones on God given rights based on the Word of God and nations being blessed when the people seek God and are righteous… revival in our the hearts and minds as we get down on our knees will turn this ship around. I have no king but Jesus. This year we need to bring Holy Ghost, Spirit filled revival to the patriot movement and arm another with the essential Biblical tools to get this nation back on track. This is our commission. Thy will be done on earth as it’s done in Heaven.

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