Biden’s Afghan Debacle- Special FINAL 2 hr Friday News Roundup Before Moving to Brighteon.TV!

On tonight’s FINAL 2 hour weekly news round-up with Resistance Chicks before moving to What could cause the media unite to against a guy with obvious dementia, who they practically carried on a gurney into the White House? Is this another CIA op on the American people? Are Joe’s handlers using Afghanistan as an excuse to set Joe up for a big fall? Someone is writing those speeches and giving Joe talking points. Biden is fumbling and bumbling through interviews and is either lying at press conferences or is so mentally incapacitated that he doesn’t know what he is saying.

Today when asked by a reporter about Americans still struggling to get to the airport in Kabul, Biden said “there are no Americans struggling to get to the airport“, which is patently false and widely reported otherwise.

The FBI has shot down the conspiracy that the J-6 incident was preplanned, after reporting questioning the FBI’s own role in stoking the flames with undercover infiltrated agents. Thousands of hours of capitol police body cam footage is still being withheld from defendants.

Dystopian dictators Klaus Swabb and Tedros from the WHO, tell us there will be no going back to normal. Trudeau is saying you can’t fly in Canada without being jabbed and Australia’s New South Wales has people locked up inside their homes by police force with restrictions that are so draconian it doesn’t seem real. Not only is it real, but Australia is literally stuck on an island thinking Americans have dropped like flies and they are doing the right thing by fining people $3,000-$5,000 for going more than 3 miles from their home, exercising outside for longer than an hr or not registering their exercise buddy.

But HOLD ON, because we have answers and we have HOPE! This week Resistance Chicks hit the road with the Kansas Cowboy and heard from Dr. Douglas Frank and his inside baseball from Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. What went wrong and what God turned around for good! We also had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Frank afterward and you are NOT going to want to miss his message of hope for our nation!

For nearly 4 years Leah and I have been bringing you each week’s TOP news stories in our Weekly News Round-up each Friday from 6-8pm and we have LOVED IT! What started out as just updates outside in our garden, evolved into a two hour long show in studio where we have covered each and every breaking news story that has touched our nation.

So many of you followed us from our main Youtube channel when it was deleted, to our backup channel, then to other platforms when that one was deleted as well! It’s been a wild ride and with nearly 200 Friday night episodes behind us, we’re ready and excited to make a NEW change- this time because WE are choosing to do so, not because we’ve been kicked off of anywhere. Beginning Friday, September 3rd, you will find us on from 7-8 PM ET. Our new program will be called, Headline News with Resistance Chicks. We can’t tell you just how eager we are to be joining with Mike Adams and the rest of the incredible line-up that will be there!

So join us tonight for our Finale of Resistance Chicks Friday Weekly News Round-ups! We still have loads of news to bring you, from this week alone! You won’t want to miss this show!

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