AZ Audit Result Summary PLUS This Week’s Headline News

On this week’s Headline News show on Brighteon.TV this Friday, Leah and Michelle break down the Arizona audit results. The main stream media ran with the line that Biden got more votes than originally counted and that Trump got less. In a classic move they ran with the only narrative that aligned with what they wanted, totally failing to report the MASSIVE voter fraud that was found. Take all of the files that were deleted, including the ones that were deleted the day before the first audit, or the 17,322 votes that were duplicates, effectively changing the results of the election.

Then we see that 23,344 voters, voted after they had moved… so how did they get their ballots…?

In the second half of our show we covered more breaking news from this week, including the footage of a mounted border patrol officer whipping his horse with double reins- the fake news media jumped all over this saying that he whipped a Haitian migrant. Joe and Kamala both came out hard against this calling it racist, even though the mounted police are mostly Hispanic. They have now halted all border patrol in response, which is absurd!

Then in the most creepy video ever, we hear Bill Gates happily proclaim that Jeffery Epstein is dead in answer to the question, “what lesson has he learned?” … wow.

This week new footage was released from American citizens peacefully entering into the capitol building… these innocent people were not part of an insurrection, they were just following the crowd. We now have political prisoners being held and beaten from something that is now evident to have been nothing.

And finally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed a new surgeon general, Dr. Ladapo who is one of the original AFLDS Frontline Doctors who stood on the steps with Dr. Simone Gold. He is a firebrand for health freedom stating that “Florida will completely reject fear as a way of making policy!” WOW! This guy is a threat to the narrative, with him at the health helm in Florida telling truth and exposing the lies, they will not be able to keep the wool over the eyes of the rest of our country or the world!




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