Anna Khait… Family, Salvation, Project Veritas & A Word For Other Influencers

While at Clay Clark’s Health and Freedom Conference, Leah and I had the privilege of listening to Anna Khait’s speech before a crowd of nearly 4,000 people, with thousands more on-line. Her words set the crowd on fire as she continued to point to her Savior, Jesus Christ. Leah leaned over to me while we were streaming her speech on our Resistance Chicks Facebook page and said, “I follow her on Twitter but I had no idea who she was, she’s amazing.” This speaks to who she really is- her words are powerful enough to stand on their own, without the bolstering of stardom. Most famous people on social media are often only listened to because of their name, but how many more people like Leah listen to Anna because she’s just Anna and is a powerful woman of God?

Anna was originally born in the Soviet Union, and her family moved to America in search of freedom and better opportunity. She speaks about them in her speech as well as our interview afterwards. She became a world traveling professional poker player and was on the television show SURVIVOR in 2016. Her powerful testimony of how her entire life changed when she had a profound encounter with God at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, rerouting her life from one of glorifying herself, to glorifying God is beyond inspiring. God has used her in countless ways, including working with Project Veritas and James O’keefe and she now is using her voice to minister the gospel to thousands each week on her various social media accounts.

We were able to talk with Anna afterwards and Leah asked her what she would say to her fellow influencers who don’t understand the new Anna who is bringing God to the forefront in everything she says… her response? “They’re missing the most important ingredient, which is God. We’re not going to accomplish anything without Him, without giving Him the glory.” And that’s Anna.

Leah and I walked away from this interview uplifted and encouraged by this beautiful woman, inside and out. Her Instagram handle is @RealAnnaKhait and I can’t think of a better way to describe her: real.

You can listen to her impassioned speech from the conference as well as our incredible interview her below!

Follow her on Youtube with her show The Gathering with Anna Khait.
On Twitter: @AnnaKhait
On Instagram: @realAnnaKhait
On Facebook: Official Anna Khait

While at Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference, Leah and I had the privilege of listening to Anna Khaits speech…

Posted by Resistance Chicks on Monday, May 3, 2021




Anna’s Conference Speech

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
3 years ago

I agree with Anna that we need to not give up on those we are fighting so hard with. It is so tempting to just walk away and separate from them, and while I do intend to do that individually by moving to a far red-er state, we need to fight to save those that are not radicals. So many of them are just low info people that vote and operate on very little info, at least most of which was never true in the first place. It sounds condescending but it’s true that they have been lied to more than we have because we don’t listen to the liars as much as they do. No matter how they claim to know better they still believe the press and virtually everything they hear and see. This is how one witnesses’ phone camera footage brought us a year of GF rioting and even another years worth of conflicting evidence couldn’t defy the entrenchment of that “knee on the neck” BS they still hold onto. It’s an uphill battle akin to trying to push a rope up a hill but we must do all we can to share the truth with everyone and let them come around as they are ready. I’m not even talking about that one case of course but ALL of it, everything they have lied to us about for decades or longer. If not for the books and documentaries the world would still not question the assassination of JFK. Oh and how many of them even question that? Yup, still considered a conspiracy theory no matter what narrative you offer if it differs from the one they told us in school. Sometimes no matter the outcome you have to fight for the sake of it. Whatever God desires is our mission.

Thank you ladies for this and all you do. I couldn’t catch the conference live so I’m catching up on it all a little at a time.

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