Amish/Mennonite Farmer Killed In Buggy Accident- Ohio… Resistance Chicks Ask For Help

Heaven took a soul too early yesterday. Our Old Order Mennonite milk herdshare farmer, Scott Richardson, was rear ended on a snowy road in southwest Ohio Tuesday afternoon. The driver was 18 yrs old. The buggy was crushed, his horse had to be euthanized on the scene, and now a father of 8 children is no longer with us in body but he is with us in Spirit. Scott Richardson was a humble man, intelligent, and soft spoken. He didn’t grow up Amish or Mennonite. In fact he met his wife in the Philippines while working as an engineer. But after they married and had two beautiful children they felt the call to live the simple life. To work the soil and give back to God’s Creation instead of merely taking from it. For the past 5 years or so our family has grown close to the Richardson family and have come to admire and respect their synergy with the earth, animals, and nature. They are Christians who believe in the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ so we know that Scott is still with us. He also lives on through his hardworking and brave children. Please join us in lifting this family up in love, prayer and financial support if you are able. They are swimming against the flow and we all should support people who are such amazing stewards of God’s creation. They are simple people who shy away from technology but have given us permission to set up a GoFund me on their behalf. Please Donate at the GOFUNDME HERE:
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3 years ago

Give Send Go is a Christian funding site like go fund me but without the fees of go fund me….gofundme has done a lot of dishonest things to people in the past…like shut down their funding etc. when pressured by the Deep State or Cabal. If you sign up with them let me know… I would love to give but will not give through gofundme. They have hurt people in the past. I left a comment on your telegram regarding the incident. I am so sorry and praying for Tashina’s family as well as you. God Bless…Debbie Or People can wire money to the family to a Walmart closest to them and then can just go and pick it up. Let me know. God Bless

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