A New Era – A New Time – A New Season / A Prophetic Message 2021

Many of you are familiar with our friend Serge, but some of you may not be. Not only are he and his wife some of our best friends, they are in our inner circle. They are the ones who we communicate with on a daily basis about the things God is doing in our life as well as around the world.

Serge has been in ministry for the past twenty years and has proven time and again to be very sensitive to the word of the Lord. This word is no different and is the EXACT word that the Lord has been speaking to us as well as to many other strong voices right now.

God is doing something new and we can’t operate the way we did before. Yes, the Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, but what He is doing right now, the place He is take us is new and we need to adapt to this newness that He is transforming His church into!

Watch and share this message from a mighty man of God today!

You can follow Serge and his wife Kristy on their blog Kiss of Revival or visit their webstore Urban Eden Studio for custom dye art.

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