9/27/2022 Let’s Talk America: The Resistance Chicks ft. Michelle Gallagher

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Michelle Gallagher is Author of THE FOREFATHERS MONUMENT GUIDEBOOK “In this essential guide to an iconic national monument, experience the Pilgrim story as you’ve never heard it before! With sweeping photography, first-person accounts, and inspiring quotes from America’s greatest leaders—learn how the legacy of the Pilgrims influenced the birth of a nation. In their own words, discover how the Pilgrims overcame all odds to pursue faith and freedom at Plymouth Colony—and changed the course of human history!” She has also authored Monumental Prayers: A Prayer Devotional Inspired by the Legacy of the Pilgrims “The Pilgrims who sailed to America onboard the Mayflower displayed a rare example of Christian faith and zeal for God’s kingdom. Using imagery from the Forefathers Monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts— Monumental Prayers reflects on the inspiring 400-year old testimony of these early believers to encourage modern-day Christians in their own walk of faith.”

A Monument that our Tyrannical Government, The Media, the churches, did not take down, and did not destroy but have completely kept it hidden from the Public for a Hundred Years.

Throughout the Old Testament Men made Monuments and Pillars. God wrote his Ten Commandments on stone tablets. Luke 19:28-44

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

The importance of men looking back on the ancient paths and remembering the right way, the good way of living. Remembering helps build our Faith and renew our internal and eternal covenant with God and each other. Look upon the very Acts, teachings, commandments, miracles, love and Salvation of Jehovah, God, Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me” At the last supper.

In extreme love and gratitude this Monument was also erected in the 1800’s to help America Remember God. Our

Liberty only comes from Faith in God and having a transformation by God and are reconciled to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As individuals, but more importantly united together under God’s Covenant with men. The Covenant.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Lives Transformation from sinner to Saint.

National Monument to the Forefathers

To the Pilgrims who landed in 1620.

The first Biblical reference to memorial stones comes in Genesis 28: 10-22, when Jacob set a pillar in Bethel to commemorate a powerful vision of God that he experienced while sleeping there. The experience was so striking that Jacob felt that it must be commemorated, so he erected the stone upon which he slept.

The Covenant Restoring the Ancient Paths

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