#4 PG Homeschooling Made Easy LAND By Destiny, The Ark of Safety

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Book 2, Chapter 5: min.
Of Property 8:08- 9:30-9:55 no one can engross themselves and take as much as they want. God created the earth and gave enough land, property for everyone to live free. No one can take it all.
Stop @ 15:00 Please continue reading on your own to save your mind! It is very very true. From these documents we have America, our rights our freedoms our Constitution.
America was created in one day. July 4, 1776. God lived in some very very good men and as God lead them into the “Truth” they learn some very important information. All men are Created by God. God created the earth, the animals, herbs, fish, birds fruit and it is very good. Each animal makes a home for himself. Birds build nest. Squirrels build nest in trees, rabbits build burrows holes in the ground. Foxes build dens in the ground. This is “Nature.” So they knew They needed homes too. Shelter. Food, clothing water.
These Very good men, lead by God’s Holy Spirit came with their families to America. Their Families left England and other places from all over the world because America had free land. A place where they could love God, Worship and Obey God. They came claim an area of land. Build their houses with their own two hands. Grew crops, raised animals, got married had children. Build barns with their own two hands to store what they grew.
They formed their own government.


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