#1 Christmas Hot or Cold #usethegospelforprotection A Mend Fix w/PG


#1 Christmas Hot to Cold #Usethegospelforprotection a “Mend”, Fix Anything https://resistancechicks.blogspot.com… God in the News? What about Separation of Church And State?It was always a lie! In the Civil war both sides said God was on their side. Here we have a new Civil War and both side are “using religion” Morals, Right and wrong to get others to support what they are doing. claiming the moral high ground. We better find out what real morals are and what real right and wrong are. The really passionate, gun oh Warriors on both sides are ready to impeach a President and shed b….d. The rest of us will be caught in the middle of a civil war. God’s will, the Truth and the right solution is always do the opposite of what everyone else is saying! God is Mighty because he is Right God is powerful because, being Right is Powerful! A supernatural Power! God is All Truth, God’s Righteousness.is right. When power goes out from God that power, “virtue” fixes things, makes things right! Satan’s Supernatural power is doing everything opposite of right. A lot of Lies, Self-righteousness! Destroys what is good, what is right. Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right. In the 1800’s it was said: America is Great because she is GOOD! You have God’s righteous Power in you when you are doing the right thing. The power that created the Universe! When God created the earth and things on the earth he said “it is Good”. It is good because God was doing the “Right” Thing by creating the earth. We are “good” when doing the “right thing”. So America is great because she is “right”, that is the definition of being “good”.2 New Sites Brighteon and Drop.Space

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