Patriot Candidates Unite- OHIO!

We’re about to do something that’s never been done before!

We’re going to bring down heaven to Ohio politics!

On April 30th, we invite anyone running for a political seat in Ohio, along with all patriots who love this state and our country, and all patriot pastors & Patriot group leaders to come for the biggest night of political, patriotic and pastoral unity that has ever been seen! We will have a night of speakers, candidates, prayer and good ‘ol fashioned revival! We’re going to forever change the way politics are done in this nation!

We have a deeply divided Governor’s Primary. Jim Renacci, Joe Blystone, and Ron Hood all have grassroot support and desire to be Constitutional Conservatives, but who does God want? Let’s ask Him. All of these candidates are running to take on Lockdown king Mike Dewine and their supporters are true patriots. We also have a wildcard in Independent candidate Niel Petersen, a pastor and also a constitutional conservative. Independent candidates go straight to the general election, bypassing the primary; so regardless of what happens in a few weeks, with GOD there is ALWAYS hope!

Let’s pray for God to move in our May 3rd Primaries, that he raise up Godly candidates, and for Revival to spread across our state.

After two years of lockdowns, curfews, and mandates, Ohioans are ready to tell Governor Mike Dewine: TIME’S UP. Mask fighting moms have taken on their county by storm like Kim Georgeton who is now running for Ohio’s state district 28 House seat. We have fiery state legislators like Jennifer Gross who proposed the Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act, otherwise known as HB248 which would end vaccine mandates by employers in Ohio.

While it may seem Ohio politics is a mess with a Republican governor who acts like a Democrat, districts that can’t be drawn, deeply divided primaries for governor and the fiercely contested open Senate seat, Ohioans have proven they are ready to step up. Grass roots candidates are taking over the Republican party at the precinct committeeman level all the way up to the Governor’s seat. We aren’t sitting on the sidelines any longer. Liberty groups have popped up like Cincinnati’s West Side We the People, Ohio Stands Up, and Ohio Battleground Alliance, not to mention countless others.
Prayer groups, churches, patriot pastors, have all taken to their knees to ask God to come and fix Ohio and get us back on track.

Candidates: If you need signatures, exposure, support & prayer, you NEED to be here on this night!
Bring your table and come early to set up! We want you to spend the evening telling everyone who you are and why you’re standing up for Ohio and your community!

It’s time for unity, prayer & a shaking of heaven! CALLING all Hood, Blystone, Renacci & Independent Petersen supporters together ahead of the May 3rd primaries!

Joining Politics With Divine Providence

When: Saturday, April 30th 6-8PM Speakers
8-10 PM Refreshments & REVIVAL

Doors open: 4:30 PM
Candidate/Speaker pre- event Huddle: 5:30 PM

Where: 488 Johnsville-Brookville Rd.,
Brookville, OH 45309

Over the past 4 yrs Ohioans have looked at the state of politics, especially the Republican Party and realized that the people they had elected do not truly represent them. Whether it’s issues like election integrity, standing up for the unborn, securing our 2nd amendment rights, making sure our state never again locks down or mandates vaccines or masks, Candidates from every corner of the state have answered the call to represent the true will of the people

March 11th, 2020, the covid pandemic officially took control of Ohioan’s lives. Two weeks to flatten the curve became 2 years. Ohio led the way with Governor Mike Dewine one of the first governors to lock our state down, shut down businesses, and enforce random curfews. Three primary challengers have entered the race to oust Governor Dewine.
Ron Hood and Candice Keller
Joe Blystone & Jeremiah Workman
Jim Renacci & Joe Knopp
As an Independent (not in Ohio’s May 3rd Primary but would be on ballot in November)
Niel Petersen & Mike Stewart

Rob Portman’s Senate Seat
Rob Portman, known to the world as a “moderate,” couldn’t find a home among Ohio’s Trump voters and resigned his seat. Several candidates have emerged to duke it out for the coveted Federal Senate Seat.
Josh Mandel
Mike Gibbons
JD Vance
Jane Timken
State Sen. Matt Dolan
Mark Pukita

Two Primaries In Ohio
The Ohio Supreme Court recently tossed out the Republican legislature led redistricting maps, leaving Ohio’s primary elections in a state of confusion. Instead of pushing Ohio’s entire primary to one future date, Ohio will spend an extra 15-25 million dollars and hold two primaries.

May 3 ballot: candidates for governor, U. S. Senate, U. S. House, and other state and local contests

To Be Announced: Ohio legislative races, the state school board and political party central committee