Must Watch! Doc Ardis “HOPE” For VaX and Un VaX

Resistance Chicks with Doctor Ardis at the Tampa Health and Freedom Conference! Dr Ardis, Hope For Vaxxed and un Vaxxed, June 19 2021, Resistance Chicks with Doctor Ardis at the Tampa Health and Freedom Conference! Dr Ardis, Hope For Vaxxed and un Vaxxed, June 19 2021. Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor with years of experience researching and formulating products to help resolve the cause of symptoms in his patients. … Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor who’s developed the Ardis Acne System. Together with his wife, Jayne, he launched the Ardis Labs company in January of 2019.

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14 thoughts on “Must Watch! Doc Ardis “HOPE” For VaX and Un VaX

  1. Holy moly ladies. I wish I could have influenced people in my family to not get the jab better than I did.

  2. I didn’t know that about calcium. I drink a lot of milk. I’m a milk junkie. Love it. My favorite it milk over ice. People always push for calcium supplements to women who have gone through the change of life. I just ignored it since I drink so much milk. I recently started taking a calcium supplement but only once or twice a week. After listening to this video, I will stop the calcium. Such good info in this video. All the way through it.

  3. You’ve released excellent info, unfortunately the powers that be don’t want that. As a patriot I thank you and appreciate all you’re doing. Please get this video where it can be shared easily and spread far and wide.

  4. Hello.
    This is a great interview. Thanks for doing this.
    Here is a link to the slides he is talking about.

    But if I could make a suggestion, please don’t interrupt your guests so much or interject comments while they are speaking. Please let them talk and finish their thoughts.
    Interruptions break their train of thought and break the flow.

    1. Dan, you are more polite than I am in suggesting that the Resistance Chicks; especially the one on the left in this video, not interrupt their guests. She made comments from the beginning, firstly drowning out her guest’s name. And it kept up . . jumping in at critical moments when Dr. Ardis was explaining important things. I LOVED DR. ARDIS’ shared knowledge, and his succinct descriptions. I wanted to share the video, but haven’t, being afraid my recipients would consider their behavior adolescent . . and degrade the important information Dr. Ardis was attempting to convey. I know, I’m being a @itch I guess. I do commend the ladies’ enthusiasm. Maybe my reaction is just a personality conflict.

      1. I agree. My husband and I were listening to this with our adult kids and we all said “She needs to stop talking!” and had to replay his responses several times. That being said Im VERY appreciative for the passion and commitment the two of them have. She’s just very passionate and anxious to get to the truth. God bless both of them.

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