Biden Admin Targets “Disinformation”

Jen Psaki announces Whitehouse is directly working with Facebook to deplatform anyone they feel is spreading “disinformation, this is fascism.
The match of freedom has been lit in #Cuba, with citizens rising up fighting against the chains of communism!
Then, results are in in AZ, and they are massive! Tucker Drops GA Truth Bombs. Meanwhile, chaos is taking place in #Africa as rioting and looting wreaks havoc.

Atty Thomas Renz On The Frontline of Freedom

One man, with a single practice in Ohio, has chosen to stand up to tyranny for our nation by taking on the top dogs who are trying to strip our rights away with vaccine passports, smother our faces, and force vaccinate our children. But Attorney Thomas Renz is standing in the gap, defending our constitution, defending American’s and children who don’t even know they are being attacked.

Canada: Mobs Tear Down Statues, Churches Burned; GB News Epic Rant on Vaccinating Kids

On this week’s episode of TOP news stories from around the world: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends the anger fueling the wave of church arsons and statue-smashing as “fully understandable”, thinking that by calling the attacks “unacceptable” he can still sympathize with the criminals.


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