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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I too have seen this complete turnaround begin in the narrative of the plandemic, just in the last couple days. I have two thoughts on this.

The first is coming from a place of suspicion and maybe slight pessimism. That is perhaps they are planning to hit us with something more serious like an actual deadly virus that will have even most “resistant” anti-vaxxers lining up to get jabbed, except us of course. They will have to jab my rotting corpse.

Second is that this is all about the election of 2022. They may be thinking “Wow this is all going so badly for us that we need to convince people that we have wiped this virus thing out and won this battle. Then we can take credit for doing so and be the party that cured the thing that happened on Trump’s watch”.

Now that may sound crazy to us but to the kinds of sheeple that have been buying their BS all this time, and even those that just want to believe in any good news they come out with, they will fall for that. Even the ones that don’t suffer from TDS will be so caught up in the love fest that will follow they will just want it to all be as they say so they will believe what they hear. They mostly do believe whatever sounds good to them already. Now I also believe they have no intention of allowing the states to have an s/election come 2024. As for 2022 though they will just do more of that “fortifying” like they did in 2020 to ensure their plans for 2023 and 2024 continue unencumbered by those darn pesky patriots.

Oh but don’t think for a second that the masks and jabs will stop. That’s here to stay as part of our new culture so they can continue with whatever things they want to inject into the willing moving forward. Now they don’t even have to ask people to wear a mask and they won’t even question mail-in ballots, that are oh so convenient. Nobody will even remember any of that being challenged after all that has transpired since.

Yes many of us, hopefully a LOT will be reminding them of all that occurred in 2020. That of course will be the kick-off to the next great battle between right and left. In the fall of 2022 they will be accusing us of making trouble by stirring the pot again over election integrity and the happy times will be over and we will be blamed for it. Sorry if that sounds just pessimistic but that’s what I foresee and I think it’s extremely predictable. The question remains “will they introduce a new big bad thing (SARS-3) or just shift gears to focusing on the election itself?”.

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