2 thoughts on “Will Kavanaugh Be Confirmed? Ford’s Testimony Falls Apart; Mail Call 9/28/18

  1. Hi lady’s. I have been having trouble letting you know I’m still number one fan. I love your show! I’m almost always watching your live broadcasts. About Kavanaugh I’m so tired of the untruths and deception . Heres the thing . I think that this just keeps building and building .He’s had to endure what every citizen that go’s to court has to endure. But he was crying about it. So , he doesn’t like the process, but he’s still willing to administer the process to other?

    1. Thanks Laurel!!! You’re awesome and just made my day! I think you raise a good point although I think it’s a bit different in this case, let me explain and see what you think. He’s enduring something that (in my opinion) what someone who has been falsely accused on a global or national scale has to go through. Not everyone who goes to court has to go through that, ya know what I meant. And he’s stayed pretty strong I think, but if he hadn’t actually cried I would question his ability to make a decisions on the bench as a human. We don’t put robots in judicial seats, we put level headed people who have the natural feelings that any human would have. We want people in those seats who are able to interpret original intent from the framers of our constitution, knowing right from wrong based on being, human. I’m not saying that I support Brett any more or less than any other candidate for this spot (I happen to think most people in the law profession are corrupt to a certain degree). But I think that his reactions were exactly what you would expect from anyone being falsely accused and had he been able to suppress those feelings, I don’t think I’d want him as a justice. Hope that made sense! ~ Michelle

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