Wake Up Canada! Bernier & Pastors Arrested; Pakistan to Turn off Phone of Un-Vaccinated

On today’s episode of this week’s TOP news stories from around the world: #MaximeBernier, #Canada’s People Party Leader was arrested for attending an #antilockdown protests. When will Canadians stand up and fight back? Pastors and small businesses are on the front line in this globalist totalitarian shake down. Disgraced #UK leader #TonyBlair wants to create two classes of people and is promoting a jab passport… meanwhile a province in #Pakistan is considering literally turning off the cell phone Sim cards of the un-jabbed. #London held a pro #HongKong rally this weekend to stand up to #China. And of course… the #G7… We go around the world to show you the good, the bad, and the down right hilarious. No worries mates, God is on the move!

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