Violent Communist May Day Around the World vs Real Freedom Protests Top EU/UK News 5/2/21

Coming up on this week’s episode of TOP NEWS from around the world: Antifa, communist, Black Lives Matter, feminist, labour union, and environmentalist activists rallied in London on Saturday to mark International Workers Day/May Day. Meanwhile, #Polish #pastorarturpawlowski in #canada has been told they will close his church “by any means necessary”. In #hungary the government scraps income tax for under-25s to support recovery & family formation. Then, Leah and Michelle have fun news about #Nigel #Farage! All of that, and so much more, you don’t want to miss!




One thought on “Violent Communist May Day Around the World vs Real Freedom Protests Top EU/UK News 5/2/21

  1. Thank you so much for that coverage on the vaccines and the failure to report side effects or other possibly associated problems. This is beyond HUGE and almost no one is getting this info. Even before I saw this I was telling people those shots are more dangerous than this virus. I live in a VERY blue area of the US known as the greater Seattle area. Here people don’t wear masks at home but I see them wearing them while driving alone. The indoctrination is so deep here that anyone even remotely questioning anything of the left’s narrative is regarded as a dangerous and radical right wing Trump worshipping cultist. I’m not even in actual Seattle, but in the suburbs about 15-20 miles south of it. All these little cities/towns want to be Seattle and they run the entire state. I am moving out of here ASAP and will hopefully be accepted in Idaho or Montana. When I get there I intend to start a project for other political refugees from places like this. I don’t blame the locals for not being receptive to people like us though, as we are encroaching on their homeland. When I do go there the first thing I will do is change my license plates, lol.

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