US Mint Admits Global Silver Shortage; Biden’s Insane $6 Trillion Budget; Weekly News Round-up 5/28/21

On tonight’s weekly round up of TOP #news stories: The #USMint finally admits what we’ve been saying for months: there is a #silver shortage. The #silversqueeze has forced the issue, tonight we break it down. The Biden administration has come out with a budget that really isn’t a budget at all. #6trillion is not a number, and certainly not a number you would use in correlation to the word “budget”- it’s laughable! #DeSantis keeps making waves, this week in setting into motion the ability for citizens to sue #bigtech over #censorship, to the tune of $100,000, and in #Oklahoma, #GovernorStitt has signed into law a ban on mask requirements and vaccine passports for education! All of that and much more! Join us LIVE!

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